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ChipSplit Affiliate Program

If you’re like many people out there, you’re looking for a way to make some money online. Extra money is great, but not if it takes too much work. If you’ve taken a look at other affiliate programs and decided that it was too much work for the money you could make, then you might want to take a good look at the ChipSplit affiliate program. For many, this is a great way to make extra money, without investing too much, while promoting something they really love: online poker.

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Why it’s great

Now, you might be wondering why this particular affiliate program stands out over others and the answer is really simple. It’s for online poker rooms. Now, if you know anything about online poker, you know that it’s big and getting bigger all the time. Visit one of these rooms at almost any time, and you’re going to find that there are literally thousands of players online, playing real games and generating income for the poker rooms – and the affiliates that were able to sign these players on.

Online poker offers players the chance to play great games and tournaments and win all kinds of cash and prizes from anywhere in the world. We all know that there are a lot of people in the world and Poker is an international game. That means that unlike other affiliate programs, the ChipSplit affiliate program is actually a chance to promote something that you know without a doubt will sell – and it can pay you really, really well.

Plus, if you’re looking to attract players in the United States, with all of the licensing and legal issues, then ChipSplit has the best affiliate program for you. Players don’t have to worry about their online gaming being legal and you don’t have to worry that potential players will get into trouble for doing something that so many people truly enjoy.

Why it can work for you

Okay, so maybe all of this sounds great – and in theory it’s amazing, but what makes this program different so that it can work for you and all your efforts? What is it that makes ChipSplit affiliates happier than other affiliates? Very simply, it’s the desire to work with you. ChipSplit knows that they won’t make money if they don’t have you promoting for them, and that’s why they work so hard to reward your work and loyalty.

Much like the online poker rooms that you’ll be promoting, you’re going to find that this is one affiliate program that believes in generous rewards. If you’re thinking that 40% earnings are generous, you’ll also love the fact that this is one of those programs that rewards your work by giving you that amount of the revenue that your accounts generate for life. So, if your work provides players that stick around for 10 or 15 years, then you’re going to get paid up to 40% of what your players generate for ChipSplit for that amount of time.

As you can see, the possibilities are really endless and it’s up to you how much you want to make. Now, it should be said that you’re not going to “get rich quick.” This process will take some time and some work. You might have to do some research to get your program off the ground, but with time and effort, you might just find that you’re generating a decent amount.

Plus, let’s not ignore the fact that online poker is big, big business. It cannot be stressed enough that there are more and more online poker players signing up each day and that means that you can easily cash in on this boom – and make some good money doing it.

More incentives for affiliates

There are even more incentives for people to become affiliates, though, because unlike other online poker affiliate programs, the ChipSplit affiliate program also rewards you for picking up more affiliates. In fact, when you have a person become an affiliate through your affiliate program, you’re going to enjoy %10 of whatever they make. It might seem a little like a pyramid, except for the fact that affiliates who sign up under you don’t suffer for your reward. It’s all legitimate and designed to help everyone to make their fair share for their efforts.

Some of the features that ChipSplit affiliates can enjoy include real time reporting. This is going to be one of your best tools to ensure that you have the best understanding of what marketing strategies work and what doesn’t. You’ll never be left in the dark and when you’re ready to work, your stats are there to help you in the process.

Be sure to check out some of the top notch marketing tools while you’re at it. They help you to personalize your platform and have the most eye catching site out there. You’re also going to love the way that ChipSplit will monitor your revenue and send out personalized emails and promotions for you if they notice that your players have slowed in their playing pace.

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of the comprehensive reporting that you’ll enjoy from this company either, because, as it’s been said before, this is your number one tool to help you decide what you’re doing that works and what you should stop doing. It’s also a great way to help customize your marketing efforts according to what draws potential players.

You can even create special, private tournaments that are exclusive to your players. This can help to draw more potential players in and you’ll find that there are so many options for you to choose from. This can help you to set your business apart from all the others, but of course, it’s an entirely optional feature.

Top notch support should also not be forgotten, because no matter how well versed you are, sometimes you need a little help and that’s why the ChipSplit affiliate program works to provide their affiliates with the very best in support, so you can make money more easily. You can talk to an affiliate manager that will help you to create some of the best promotional strategies possible and they can also give you tools that you will greatly benefit from.

Brands you can be proud of

When you’re an affiliate, you’re promoting a brand of something. If you don’t feel like the brand you’re supposed to promote is a good one, then you might find that you’re not excited about what you’re selling and that will show in your earnings. ChipSplit affiliates can be proud of the brands that they are promoting because this company only works with the top of the line online poker rooms. These are places that people love to play already and if they aren’t members, it’s likely that they’ve heard of the good reputation, bonuses and benefits of playing online poker through these poker rooms. Good reputations mean that you’re more likely to generate income from more players and the brands that ChipSplit works with have excellent reputations.

You can also rest easy that your players are going to be safe. All of their information will be safe, and all the games that your players play will be fully legal and licensed. So, you’re going to feel good about sending players to play their online poker through your marketing efforts.

In fact, it’s likely that many affiliates actually play with these poker rooms themselves, so they know a lot about the games, tournaments, promotions and what matters to potential players. If you play with the brands you’re selling, you’re more likely to promote well.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that whether you currently play online poker or not, you likely know that online poker is a huge business and it’s getting bigger every day. Take a look at some of the top online poker rooms out there and you’ll see how many people are online, how many tables are being played; and you’ll begin to realize how much can be made from this industry.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, whether you enjoy playing online poker or not, then you probably know that getting in on this money rich industry is a good idea. So, why wouldn’t you want to get in on it now – at no cost to you to start up – and start earning as soon as possible?

Online poker players will love the way that they can have their earnings deposited right into their online poker account too, so earn a little – or a lot and enjoy it however you really want to. ChipSplit affiliate program might just be the very best option for you if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for online poker rooms.

Ask any of the many ChipSplit affiliates if they are happy and they will likely tell you that yes, they are very happy. Then they’ll tell you that there is plenty of room for more, so why not get in the game yourself and join an affiliate program that really works?