PDCPoker (closed)


Are you tired of playing the same old online poker on the same old online poker room? Does it feel like you’re constantly playing the same tournaments, chasing the same promotions and not getting nearly the rewards that you should be enjoying? You might find that PDCPoker is the break from poker monotony that you’ve been looking for. In fact, if you’re looking for more fun, more excitement and better games, you’re likely to find that this is the online poker room you’ve been looking for.

First, you should consider the type of online poker player that you are. What are you seeking when it comes to your online poker thrills? Do you want bigger and better tournaments and more chances to win big? Is it the thrill of the game, or do you really enjoy the rewards? When you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have an easier time knowing when you find it.

The makers of PDCPoker know that there are picky poker players out there and they have worked to cater to this kind of player. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player or if you’re playing with the professionals, there are some players that expect more and are willing to go the distance to find it. Merge Poker Network has worked to add PDC to their list of great poker sites because they believe that this is a great poker room that you’re sure to love playing on.

Start at the beginning

When you check out this online poker room, the first thing you’re going to find is that they are fully licensed. In fact, licensing is an issue that many people forget about, but that can make a big difference in the way you play your online poker. So, PDC has worked to ensure that you never have to worry by making sure that they are completely licensed. You can play your games, and don’t have to worry about whether your winnings will be legal or not.

That’s a big deal to lots of players, but it’s not the only big deal. Another major issue for many online poker players is the security of the poker room. You won’t have to worry with PDC or any of the Merge Poker sites because only the very best technology is used to help ensure your online security and privacy. Your information is totally safe, and that includes payment methods, your account and everything else used to register.

Now, something you might not find on other online poker sites is the how to information. Yes, like how to play. How to get started making deposits in your account might not be something that you think you need to know, until you need it. Now, you have a step by step guide to help you get going. You’ll also get the essential information you need when it comes to ring games and tournaments, so now fear of the unknown won’t keep you from enjoying the thrills and excitement of it. While you’re learning, check out the section on play money – which is great if you’re not thrilled about playing for real cash just yet.

Games and Tournaments

Now let’s get to the fun part, the available games and tournaments that you’re going to be able to enjoy. Some online poker rooms offer just a few different types of poker games, but PDCPoker has made sure to put almost every variation of online poker on offer for you to enjoy. You’re never going to have to feel like you’re trapped with your poker experience again because there are so many options for you to enjoy. Check out Texas Hold ‘Em, or Caribbean Stud, Five Card Draw and Stud; and when you’re ready for something else, play a game of Roulette or Black Jack.

When it comes to tournaments, you can choose from scheduled ones, daily freerolls, guaranteed and shoot out tournaments and even enjoy satellites. There are so many tournament options that the strictly tournament poker player is going to love the many choices they have. In fact, you might find that with all the tournaments that you can play and win, you never want to hit another online poker room again. Remember, though that PDCPoker is part of the Merge Poker Network, so you can bounce around too.

Promotions, Promotions

Now that you know what you can play, it’s time to talk about the many ways that you can play and win more or earn more. That’s with the promotions and there is no shortage of them on PDCPoker. You’re going to find that there are some great weekly ones, like the Seats to Sunday Guaranteed, which gives you the chance to win big every single week. You might also want to check out the Last Man Standing for some great winnings and big thrills. Or, if you’re more about saving what’s in your account, check out some of the amazing freerolls on offer. You can play daily for $500, or go bigger; the choice is totally yours.

You can also earn yourself entries into great live tournaments like the World Series of Poker and Asia Pacific poker tournaments. Yes, the chance to play in live tournaments with the real professionals could be yours. In fact, this is where almost every player really wants to go; and now you can win a ticket to play with the big guns and you might even come home richer than you ever thought possible.

Lastly, Rewards and Bonuses

While we’re covering it last, it’s likely on the front of your mind. These are the rewards and bonuses and you’re going to be thrilled at what’s offered at PDCPoker. When it comes to bonuses, you’re going to enjoy a big one when you sign up through Merge Poker and use the code “PBC750.” With this code, you can enjoy 150% deposit bonus, up to $750! That is a lot of free cash to play with, and you’re going to enjoy it with ease.

Now, don’t forget about the Royalty rewards program that PDC has to offer as well. This is when you earn points and get to enjoy the benefits that certain point levels have to offer. If daily cash back, access to VIP freeroll tournaments and the chance to cash in your points for even more points is exciting, then you’re going to love the Royalty program. Once you’ve got the points, you’re going to want to be able to enjoy them as well, so if you choose not to turn them into extra cash, you might want to take a look at some of the great items you can get at the rewards store.

You’re likely to find everything you could want or need in the royalty store, from iPods and great high end electronics, to the poker and sports basics you really want. You might actually find that this is a great way to do your holiday shopping – without spending a dime. Why not? You earned it; you should enjoy every bit of it. Points are easy to earn when you play real cash games, so you’ll likely never find that you’re struggling to have enough for whatever you want.

You should also remember the Bad Beat Jackpot – because it’s huge and you can enjoy your piece of it. In the past, if you were losing, there seemed to be nothing more disappointing. Now, even losing isn’t so bad because the Bad Beat Jackpot helps to soften the blow of losing time and again. This is one way that PDCPoker wants to tell you thank you – even when you’re not winning and you’re sure to love it when you get to enjoy the rewards of playing – even if you don’t win every game.

When you’re looking for a great place to play online poker, but want to keep your high standards, it can be hard to find just what you’re looking for. PDCPoker knows and understands your dilemma, and they have worked to provide you with a great online poker experience that offers you everything you could want and need in a poker room.

When you choose to play with the Merge Poker Network, you’re going to find that this is just one of the amazing online poker rooms that you can enjoy whenever you feel like it. When you choose to play with one poker network, you’ll love the way that you have access to all these sites, with just one account. More tournaments, more games, more perks and bonuses and more excitement – all with one account on your part.

Merge Poker Network is proud to offer their members the chance to play with PDCPoker and they feel confident that you will love the experience just as much as they have. When you’re looking to play great online poker and so much more, then PDCPoker might be a great choice for you. Why not check it out? The only thing you have to lose is boredom.