The SportsBetting site, as befits their name, is a simple and straightforward site. There is a lot to enjoy on the site but it isn’t a flashy site, it just provides you with a good range of poker options, which is what most people are looking for. Given that there is a wide range of gaming and gambling options available on the site; you can run all of your online gaming from one account, which is highly convenient.

For many people, the first deposit bonus is very important when looking for a poker site. Developing a good freeroll from the start helps you to get to know a site without spending too much money and this is something that the SportsBetting poker site provides you with. If you make an initial deposit of at least $50, you will be presented with a 200% poker bonus. This bonus is available up to a value of $1,000 which is definitely worth getting excited about.

It is slightly inconvenient that you have to email the site to have your bonus activated, but it isn’t too much of a hassle. As long as you email the right address and place POKER200 in the subject line, your bonus will be available within 24 hours.

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Poker Games

The success of a poker site is highly dependent on the variety of games that are on offer and this is something that the SportsBetting site is improving all the time. There are real money ring games on offer on the NL and the FL Hold ‘Em tables, up to $5.00/$10.00 and on the Omaha tables, including Omaha Hi Lo, you can play up to $1.50/$3.00.

The full range of poker tournaments on offer at the SportsBetting Poker site are played out in ML Hold ‘Em fashion, and there are plenty of tournaments, additional games and freerolls to look forward to with the site.


One of the most important things for a poker site is freerolls, as these games provide players with a chance to enjoy online poker without actually spending any money. There is a choice of freeroll satellite games on Friday afternoon and evening and the Top 100 players from these events will be placed into the Step1 Sit N Go Satellites which are building up to the big end of month game. At the time of reviewing the site, the big end of month game was a $25,000 GT scheduled for Saturday the 30th of May.

The site also provides freerolls every day and they run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the site. When it comes to making the most of your time without spending too much money, the daily freerolls on the SportsBetting site has to be one of the strongest reasons why you will come back to the site on a regular basis.

Guaranteed Tournaments

One thing that poker players should be looking for is guaranteed tournament action. For poker sites that have a smaller network, it is important to know that the prize money is guaranteed for the game and this is something that SportsBetting agrees with. The site provides over $250,000 in guaranteed tournaments, which means that players can plan ahead, knowing that there is consistency in what the site provides. It is fair to say that SportsBetting isn’t on the biggest poker network you are likely to play on, but this is what a lot of people are looking for. Knowing that you will have a greater chance of winning due to the smaller number of players is a positive thing and because the prize money is guaranteed, you can play with confidence.

Another important factor in keeping players coming back to the site on a regular basis is the provision of leader board tournaments and challenges. SportsBetting aims to provide leader board challenges every month. At the time of review, SportsBetting provided $25,000 guaranteed Sit n Go tournaments in May and players picked up points for every qualifiying Sit N Go game that they played in, pushing players closer to a share of the $25,000 prize pool that is up for offer.

The site also provides Bronze, Silver or Gold MTT Leader board event and players that make the Top 100 in their respective leader board ware placed automatically into a Face-Off tournament. There is a lot to be said for the variety of different tournaments and playing styles available on SportsBetting, helping to keep the site fresh and relevant for many poker players.

There is also a weekend $10,000 GT series on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Being able to buy in for just $20 + $2, or by using 2,200 promo bucks means that players can get involved without spending too much money, and there is a great chance of making money back from your play.

Other bonuses

SportsBetting provides additional bonuses to players when they achieve certain aspects, such as a 4 Of A Kind. Players that pick up 4 of a kind in Texas Hold ‘Em in real money ring games have a chance to grab a $40 cash bonus. To be eligible for this bonus, players need to have both of their hole cards in their hand and when they receive a message from the site, they need to email the site with details within 24 hours to bag the bonus.

While playing online poker is very important, SportsBetting understands that players like to play poker in real life, enjoying the social aspect of the game. There is no more social setting to enjoy poker than at the 2015 WSOP and players can play their way to the big event for free with SportsBetting. This is definitely the sort of promotion that appeals to a wide range of poker players. Money and poker tournaments are all important when it comes to enticing players on to a site but having the chance to win a trip to a leading poker tournament is definitely an appealing aspect for many poker players.


Poker sites need to provide a wide range of deposit options for players and it is pleasing to see that SportsBetting serves up a range of options for their poker players. Players can fund their account with Visa cards, MasterCard, person to person transfer, money orders, Skrill, Book to Book, Bankwire, cheque, Diners Club, Discover card, JCB, American Express and Bitcoin. The last option is an interesting one and as Bitcoin becomes more prevalent, particularly in online gaming, it is an option that many poker players will be glad to see available to them. The minimum deposit that players can place into their account is $10, which is available with Skrill, but the most common minimum deposit option is $25.

When it comes to cashing out, there are a number of options including person to person transfer, Bankwire, cheque by mail, cheque by courier, Cheque EXPRESS, Skrill, Book to Book and Bitcoin. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn at any time is $20, available with Bitcoin and $25, available with Skrill.

Display and use

It is believed that a mobile app in development for SportsBetting Poker, which will significantly enhance the playing experience for poker players. The design and layout of the site is simple, which means that even new players will be able to get up to speed quickly enough. It is not as though as you need flash graphics to make the most of poker sites and you can focus on the games when you play. The site can be navigated very easily and if you have experience of online poker, the site will be very natural for you to use. It isn’t the most exciting or innovative of poker sites but when you are looking for a site that allows you to play with a minimum of fuss and effort, you should find that this is a poker site worth checking out.

Help and support

While there is a comprehensive Help and FAQ section, SportsBetting doesn’t make a big deal of support options for players. This may be a slight drawback for some players, and it would be better if the site gave live chat options or made their email address more prominent on the site.

The SportsBetting range of sites have a great reputation and it is not as though you should be worried about using the site but the more help and security options available for players, the better.


USA Friendly

SportsBetting may not be the first poker site that you think of, but next to the fact that it accepts players from the United States there are a number of other reasons why it is a site that is worth playing. It is easy to use, there are plenty of big games and tournaments to look out for and there are plenty of deposit options available for players to choose from. The fact that you can also use the site alongside a range of other gaming activities is a plus point, allowing you to streamline your online gameplay.

The SportsBetting site is one to add to a portfolio of poker sites as opposed to being your main site, but it does provide a decent option for players looking for something else.