CarbonPoker VIP Rewards

CarbonPoker VIP Rewards

One part of an online poker room that is often overlooked is the loyalty program that they have in place. Think about it: what does your current online poker room have to offer you? Do they make it fun for you to play on their site and can you enjoy lots of loyalty rewards – even if you’re not winning at the moment? Can you feel great about the rewards that you’re getting? If not, or if you don’t really know, then it might be time to take a good look at the CarbonPoker VIP rewards program. Once you take a good look at what a good rewards system is supposed to be, you might find that you don’t want to play on any other site.

Now, you might be wondering why a VIP program is so important, but consider this: what do you get if you’re not winning? Why would you ever keep depositing your money and playing for real money when you’re losing if you aren’t going to get anything out of it. Like any other system that rewards players for playing – win or lose, you want to know that you’re going to benefit and CarbonPoker knows this; which is why they’ve decided to make a great, easy to understand and easy to use VIP reward program that you can really enjoy.

Its super simple

Reward programs should be easy to enjoy and this one is super easy to take advantage of. It starts with tiers, which go higher, with more benefits when you rack up more points. The higher tiers offer great perks that include 45% cash back, individual poker coaching, $3,500 free roll and you might even get to enjoy a $500 bonus! That means that you’ll get to enjoy lots of bonuses and perks when you earn a lot of points. But, even if you don’t get to the highest level, you won’t be left without a chance to enjoy great bonuses, because no matter how many points you earn, if you’re part of the VIP club, you’ll still enjoy cash back and bonuses, as well as chances for free rolls and other greats.

You can earn points just by joining the real money games that you already play. When you see a flop and you’re involved in the hand, you get points. So, you’re earning and don’t even realize it. Plus, you can earn your points whether you’re playing in a tournament or not, just as long as you’re playing for real money. It’s that easy: real money games means real points to play.

You don’t have to keep track of your points, either. When you play online poker with CarbonPoker, the VIP Program Rewards are all tracked for you, and the points show up in your account in no time, so if you’ve been eyeing that iPad for a while and will soon have enough points, you’re not going to have to worry about it taking too long to have those points put into your account. All you have to do is play the game as you normally would, and when you play real cash games, your points will add up faster than you could have imagined. For many, it’s the ease of this program that makes it so enjoyable, and you’ll likely find that having points in your account when you think you’d like to enjoy them is a major perk as well.

What you’ll get

In addition to getting all kinds of really great bonuses and rewards that come with your VIP level, you get the chance to use your points for things that you really want. So, say that you’re an Ether + VIP member: you’re going to enjoy 45% cash back, a $500 cash coupon, two hours of poker training, and access to the special concierge program, which allows you the opportunity to get all kinds of tickets for entertainment with the points that you have. No matter what your level, though, if you can earn and maintain a certain point level, you’re going to enjoy benefits like cash back and free rolls, as well as other freebies and goodies. These perks are all just for earning and maintaining point levels, but you’ll also be able to use the points you earn – so that’s double rewards.

When you consider that you’ll also be able to turn your points into cash, which is great, you’ll find that you’re not just enjoying cash back and free rolls, but you’re also getting to have your points changed into cash. Plus, the cash trade program is easy to understand, so you won’t get stuck with hidden fees or issues you don’t want to have to deal with. The higher your level, the more cash your points are worth, so save ‘em up and cash in for one big payout, or enjoy the little extra that you want each month. It’s up to you, but this is one way that you can make your online poker playing pay for itself, so your budget will likely thank you.

Okay, but what if you don’t feel like you want or need cash at the moment? What if you want to enjoy all kinds of expensive toys and technology? Then you’re going to love the CarbonPoker VIP rewards store, because here you can use your points to get that high end computer, flat screen television or even score that iPod that the special someone in your life has been wanting.

There is so much more than just electronics that you can enjoy, though. If you’ve been eager to get to that exciting live poker event, then this is the source for you, because you can score tickets with your points. Imagine hitting that great big live poker tournament and knowing that you’re playing in the big leagues. Hit the Aussie Millions and enjoy seeing some sights while you’re there, or if you rather, visit the US and the LA Classic for all the tournament thrills that you can imagine. Who knows, you might even win a little, and with great big tournaments like this, you’ll wonder why you ever waited.

Or, you can shop for artwork, jewelry and even gym equipment. Fill your home and life with high end goodies like top of the line luggage, or even enjoy that expensive barbecue that you’ve been dreaming of for your patio. If you love to golf, you need to look the part and the CarbonPoker VIP Program can help you to do just that with their high end golf equipment. So, no matter what you want or need, you can enjoy some of the best, most high end goodies with your VIP points. In fact, you might love this part of the VIP Rewards so much that you choose to never get cash.

How to enjoy

If you’re wondering what you can do to enjoy the CarbonPoker VIP rewards, then you know how exciting of a benefit this is to online poker players. It’s pretty likely that you already know that CarbonPoker is a great place to go to enjoy great tournaments whenever you want to, take part in some amazing promotions and play every kind of game that you want to play, and now you know how great the VIP rewards are.

You also know that it’s super easy to earn points, and your points don’t come instead of other benefits; they are in addition to potential winnings and prizes, and that makes them even more fun to enjoy. In fact, when you can just play real cash games the way you always would, and you get to enjoy earning points that you can use to get all kinds of amazing things – including cash, it’s more like getting goodies for free than almost anything else you can do. It can feel like it’s your birthday all year round, as long as you’re playing and earning points.

So, if you’re thinking that you want to start enjoying all of the benefits of CarbonPoker VIP rewards, then you might want to take a good look at signing up. You’ll get a bonus when you do, but if you want an even bigger bonus, check out Merge Poker and enter the bonus code CARBONPK. You’ll not only get to enjoy a bonus that’s 100% of your initial deposit but you can also enjoy playing at many more online poker rooms than just CarbonPoker. So, you get all the benefits of CarbonPoker, but you can play from a host of other online poker rooms as well. You get the bonus, the benefits and all the great games; all from one site, with one password and one account.

This is the way that online poker should be enjoyed, so why are you still trying to maintain separate accounts, when you can have it all, in one place? Check out Merge Poker Network and see how much you can benefit – and you’ll find that CarbonPoker VIP Rewards aren’t the only benefit that you’re able to enjoy.